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Just like family, we’ll take care of you. It’s our ability to get you in the day that you need to be seen. Our ability to offer affordable care. Our ability to offer quality care. You can’t find better quality.

Sue Adams, DO, Family Medical Centers

Sue Adams, DO

Director of Medicine, Family Medical Centers Family Care

Dr. Sue Adams is a patient-focused osteopathic doctor specializing in family medicine. Originally from the Dayton, Ohio, area, Dr. Adams lived in Florida for 15 years before deciding she wanted to come back to her home state to practice medicine.

Dr. Adams took the non-traditional path to medicine, going back to school later in life than many others. She juggled family and studies for more than a decade before receiving her medical degree and moving back home. Dr. Adams came to the Tri-State after her residency and has fallen in love with the area and its people. She enjoys treating patients and being a member of the community. Dr. Adams also currently serves as the Medical Director for Family Medical Centers.

Dr. Adams received her medical degree from NOVA Southeastern College of Osteopathic Medicine in North Miami Beach, Florida.

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What is Plaguing Lawrence County?

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COVID-19 Testing now open to non-symptomatic people

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To Our Patients

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